Rock Retaining Wall Seattle, WA

B&D Rock Retaining Walls in Seattle, WA are the Highest Quality Retaining Walls You Will Find.

Rock Retaining Wall Seattle, WA

Quality Rock Retaining Walls in Seattle, WA starts with B&D Rockeries. Owner, Neil Eneix has close to 40 years experience in developing rock retaining walls, landscapes, bulkheads, waterfalls, and more.

He’s not only a seasoned professional in building retaining walls but is a seasoned landscape retaining wall designer that will help

give your property a spectacular look that will impress neighbors and guests for years to come.

It’s relaxing to come home from a long day of work and know that your property looks fantastic!

A professional Rock Retaining Wall Installation In Seattle Is Not an Easy Task.

If you are thinking of installing your rock wall yourself, read these points first:

  • What size rock are you going to use that will best work with the height of the wall?
  • Will you need crushed rock back-fill to allow for proper water drainage?
  • Are you positive that the rock quarry you are getting rock from will supply high quality rock?
  • How do you know how to set a rock in place correctly so that it will not only look the best but will be sturdy?
  • Are you sure that you’ve are laying the foundation of your wall correctly to support the entire wall?

There’s many more questions that must be answered to properly install your rock retaining wall in Seattle. Professional help is a must even if you just get consultation and install the rock retaining wall yourself. Without the right information your retaining wall project might turn out to be a messy project.